What’s New in Cosmetic Dentistry?

The Cosmetic Dental Center of Huntsville Cosmetic Dentistry Blog Series

At the Cosmetic Dental Center of Huntsville, general and cosmetic dentist Dr. Doug Booth and his team love helping patients improve their smiles with cosmetic dentistry.  

We continue to see the development of materials and technology that make dentistry more convenient, comfortable and affordable, and most importantly, help patients keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime. 

For most people, the term “cosmetic dentistry” makes them think of services that are elective, like the  “smile makeovers” we see on television.  While those are also a part of our practice, we know that years of research have proven that having a healthy, appealing smile that we feel good about plays a significant role in individual self-confidence.  Your personal satisfaction with the appearance of your smile is an important concern to Dr. Booth and the Cosmetic Dental Center of Huntsville team.

dr doug booth cosmetic dentist

Where Cosmetic Dentistry meets Oral Health
All dentistry solves a “problem”.   Whether it is tooth pain, broken teeth or a gum infection, there is a dental treatment for virtually every conceivable dental problem.  Even extractions deal with the problem of a non-salvageable tooth.

Cosmetic dentistry becomes part of the equation in dental problem-solving.  When Dr. Booth performs a comprehensive exam to identify potential issues, it makes sense that a crown, bridge, filling or denture should look like natural teeth.  This is cosmetic dentistry at its best!

Watch videos about cosmetic dental procedures on our web site.  

It is important to remember that no smile is ever “hopeless”; we help our patients solve problems that seem overwhelming, every day.  All you need is a plan.  

In our Cosmetic Dentistry blog series, we will share some of the procedures that we provide to help our patients keep their teeth healthy and beautiful.  

We offer Complimentary Cosmetic Consultations* at Cosmetic Dental Center of Huntsville.  If you are interested in what cosmetic dentistry can do for your smile, we invite you to Contact Us.

*consultation does not include x-rays